The Desco Lay Type Block Making Machine

The Desco Lay Type Block Making Machine

Desco Block machines are designed so that they can be teamed with feeding and handling machines to give a smooth totally integrated operation that saves your time and money. For best output from the Desco Block Making Machine.

  • The mixed concrete is tipped into the feed tray by using either a hand barrow or power feed track.
  • The concrete is ranked into the mould area until is 4cm - 5cm (1”-2”) above the level of the mould.
  • The mould box is vibrated by pushing down the foot switch for a few seconds. Pre-vibration time varies according to block design and type of material used. The hand rake is used to ensure even mix distribution in the mould box, taking surplus materials on to the feed tray.
  • The tamper is pulled over the mould with the rake and the catch released, dropping the tamper on the concrete in the mold box. Vibrate again until tamper comes down to the heights stop bolts.
  • To eject the blocks pull down the handle until the tamper catch engates lifting the mould clear of the blocks; pull the machine forward the required distance. Repeat the operation for the next cycle of bocks.


General Description:- The Desco Lay Type Block Making Machine is designed to make building blocks on a level concrete surface without utilization of pallets. It produces blocks per drop operated by one man or two.

Output: - The machine will operate at a speed suitable to the type of block being produce and the aggregate being utilized.

9” x 9” x 18”/ 190 x 190 x 390mm

6” x 9” x 18”/ 140 x 190 x 390mm

4” x 9” x 18” / 90 x 190 x 390mm

Solid or Hallow

The correct design of mix is very important together with good block making concrete practice and adequate mixing and feeding facilities if these speeds are to be achieved.


a) Main Frame. The main frame of fabricated steel construction contains the tamping unit and its associated slide rails, together with the mould and its lifting mechanism.

b) Vibrator Unit. This mounted on the mounted on the mould frame consisting of eccentric weights rotating at high speed in a horizontal plane, the unit is belt driven an eccentric motor, petrol or diesel mounted on the main frame.

c) Tamper and mould. The tamper moves horizontally across the machine on guide rollers giving space for filling the mould. Both mould and tamper are lifted after the making operation on vertical guide bars by pulling down the mould lever which is specially balance for easy operation.

The mould frame and tamper beam are so designed that larger variety of interchangeable moulds can easily be fitted, the mould being attached by four bolts and nuts and the tamper by eight bolts. Slotted fixing holes in the tamper pallet allow accurate alignment with the mould.

Note: We can alter the size shape of machine without any notice.

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